For the process

  • Put a client with a specific issue with an agency that has the right solution
  • Run a professionally organised transparent and structured process
  • Generate more concentrated, creative responses to a pitch request
  • Facilitate clients and agencies to learn from the process

For the client

  • Deal with a problem that would usually stay unsolved
  • Leave the hassle of finding the right solution to us
  • Enjoy a professional and creative process
  • See four different approaches to dealing with the issue
  • Find a solution that you won’t get from your usual agencies

For the agency

  • Compete in a fair contest with 3 other agencies, with a real chance of winning
  • Know that the client has a signed off budget before the process begins
  • Benefit from the transparency in a professionally run process
  • Have sufficient time and information to do a good job
  • Learn from detailed feedback to improve your future chances

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