Week 1

Client wishing to use PSL agrees brief, budget (£50k min) and timings.  All confirmed in scoping document and mutual NDA.

Week 2

PSL’s experience and resources used to create agency long list, who complete RFI and confirm availability.

Week 3

Client/PSL decide shortlist of 4 agencies who agree NDA and contract before receiving finalised brief.

Week 4

One-to-one Q&A Sessions for each agency.

And then…

Week 5

Agencies prepare response to brief.

Week 6

Agencies prepare response to brief.

Week 7

Pitch process – Final agency presentations at a neutral venue.  Telephone notification of initial feedback and notification to winning agency.

Week 8

Win or lose – each agency will be offered a detailed debrief regarding their approach focusing on lessons to learn for future pitches.

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