In addition to the “usual suspects” you need a disruptor to mix things-up


With 25,000 creative agencies out there, how on earth can you expect to choose the best one?


In not many disciplines to creative “types” work to present their ideas to your team for free!


Ok, so what part of “we will help you achieve the perfect pitch” don’t you understand?


Like you, we know that winning a pitch for an imperfect client can often be more hassle than it’s worth!


In the event that your pitch is unsuccessful, we will work with you to find out why.

So, what does this mean for you?

At Pitch Select Learn we match the right agency with the right brief. But more than any other intermediary we help both sides learn in a live pitch scenario. It’s a service that blends the robustness of a comprehensive pitch framework with the expediency of ‘speed dating’ but with a ‘real brief (and budget!) and the opportunity to improve pitch performance and outcome.

If you’re a company with a brief or an agency with ambition looking to get more out of your next pitch than just a perfect partnership, then get in touch.

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