When looking for a tactical agency, do you sometimes find it hard to see the wood for the trees?

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Unless you’re an agency expert, finding the perfect partner for tactical projects is tough

You may have your key, retained agency relationships but that doesn’t mean you’ll never look for tactical agency support for specific marketing tasks. In fact, what better way to plug the experience gaps, test the market and see what other, possibly better, agencies are out there?
But there are many agencies – brilliant ones doing amazing things, challenging brands, audiences and convention, ones you’ve never heard of because they’re busy making their clients famous and not themselves – so how do you find the one that’s perfect for your next project? This is where PSL can help.
PSL is designed to help clients discover the best agencies they’ve never heard of. We help build the perfect agency pitch list. Avoiding the usual suspects to open up agency possibilities not usually considered. We then help run the pitch in a transparent way, giving everyone the best chance of success.

We can do this by

  • Developing, in conjunction with the client, the perfect shortlist for your brief.
  • Finding and briefing the right agencies for the clients business.
  • Supporting the entire pitch process – before, during and after.
  • Creating trust, transparency (and dare we say enjoyment) in the pitch process.
  • Allaying agency fears so the best independents come and fight for the business.

Contact us: 0204 5241630 | hello@pitchselectlearn.co.uk

What we do

We put clients with specific problems in touch with the best agencies to solve them – selecting agencies not based on how loud they shout or how many lunches they’ve bought us but on how perfectly they fit the brief.

For the process

  • Put a client with a specific issue with an agency that has the right solution
  • Run a professionally organised transparent and structured process
  • Generate more concentrated, creative responses to a pitch request
  • Facilitate clients and agencies to learn from the process

For the client

  • Deal with a problem that would usually stay unsolved
  • Leave the hassle of finding the right solution to us
  • Enjoy a professional and creative process
  • See four different approaches to dealing with the issue
  • Find a solution that you won’t get from your usual agencies

For the agency

  • Compete in a fair contest with 3 other agencies, with a real chance of winning
  • Know that the client has a signed off budget before the process begins
  • Benefit from the transparency in a professionally run process
  • Have sufficient time and information to do a good job
  • Learn from detailed feedback to improve your future chances

How we do it

We aim to complete the selection process in under 8 weeks

Week 1

Client wishing to use PSL agrees brief, budget (£50k min) and timings.  All confirmed in scoping document and mutual NDA.

Week 2

PSL’s experience and resources used to create agency long list, who complete RFI and confirm availability.

Week 3

Client/PSL decide shortlist of 4 agencies who agree NDA and contract before receiving finalised brief.

Week 4

One-to-one Q&A Sessions for each agency.

And then…

Week 5

Agencies prepare response to brief.

Week 6

Agencies prepare response to brief.

Week 7

Pitch process – Final agency presentations at a neutral venue.  Telephone notification of initial feedback and notification to winning agency.

Week 8

Win or lose – each agency will be offered a detailed debrief regarding their approach focusing on lessons to learn for future pitches.

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